Maxine Stander

Everything you need to know about getting your dress custom made

Maxine Stander
Everything you need to know about getting your dress custom made

Every special bride deserves a perfect dress that will suit her special needs and unique taste - So what better way to get this than designing your own dress! Simply begin by finding what details you love and shapes of dresses that you know will suit your figure, then hand them to us and we'll work our magic.

Belle of the ball specializes in custom designed wedding dresses, dress replications, and beautiful modest bridal gowns. We can help you design, sketch, create or replicate your dream wedding dress. Everything is custom made for our client from start to finish. Custom made to your style, measurements and choice of colour. Browse our gallery to see dresses we have done for other brides, mother of the brides, bridesmaids and matrics to get your inspiration. Pop us an e-mail to book your consultation with us to discuss what you are interested in and what you would love to see in a your dress. Send us your photos, inspiration and ideas and we will help you design, sketch and make your wedding dress an amazing reality. Read our frequently asked questions section to get answers to questions that most new clients have.

How long before my wedding or function should I book my dress or come for a consultation?     

It will depend on the time of year and the difficulty of the dress.  January-April and September-December are always very busy, whilst May-August are more quiet. When your dress is due in summer, you should at least book your wedding gown 3 months in advance and any other occasion dress at least 2 months prior to the function date. Although Belle of the Ball would always do their best to help a last minute order, we do work on a first-come-first-served basis, and this only allows for a certain amount of dresses per season.

What do you charge for consultations and fittings?

A consultation fee of R250 is payable before the first consultation.

How long does it take to complete a dress?    

It depends on the complexity of the design and on how quickly the client can come for a fitting. Wedding gowns can take anything between 3 weeks to 6 weeks to complete. Evening gowns take approximately 2-4 weeks.  

We work on time and fitting schedules and we don't work on only one dress at a given time, so your waiting period will also depend on the work we have on hand. We work backwards from your event or collection date to determine your fitting schedule.

How many times will I need to fit my dress before collection?    

Wedding gowns 3-5 fittings and evening gowns 2-3 fittings.  Amount of fittings depend on the difficulty of the design. Changes in design after fittings have started, might result in more fittings and might result to extra costs. Fitting schedules will specify exactly what needs to be fitted, and what the progress of the dress is.

How much can I expect to pay for my dress? 

Individual quotations are worked out for each design.  Fabric and labour costs are all determined individually, in order for you to see exactly what you are paying for. Labour costs are determined beforehand on the amount of time we will spend on a dress.

How does payment work? 

A 50% deposit will confirm your booking. The outstanding balance is payable on/before collection of your dress. Payment can also be done in installments up until the date of your wedding or event, but only if arranged in advance.  All material costs are for your account and payable on the day of purchase at the fabric store.

What hours are you available for consultations and fittings? 

Strictly by appointment. We are open during office hours as well as most Saturdays for your convenience.

Do I need to make an appointment before I can come and fit dresses? 

Yes definitely.We travel between material shops and the studio and are booked well in advance for fittings and consultations, which may last up to 60 minutes, so you might have to wait if no appointment was made.

Do I need to buy my own material? 

Yes, but Belle of the Ball will arrange a suitable time for you to meet at a material store in Pretoria, where you will be assisted in choosing the perfect fabric for your design.

How long before my wedding/function can I collect my dress? 

Most brides choose to leave their dress at our studio up until a few weeks before the wedding. Belle of the Ball has a set deadline for one week before any wedding or event, although if you booked in advance and your dress is finished earlier, you are welcome to collect it.  Please note that last minute orders may result in last minute collection.

We look forward to creating your dream dress.